I love working with gifted female creatives, makers, artists... women who dream of making more money off of their gift.  

The problem often is that these women are making "hobby money" instead of the consistent income that they dream of making.  

My Creators Roadmap bootcamp teaches women how to make more money, get more clients, and do more of what they love each and every day.


This is perfect for you if you:

·       Are overwhelmed with lack of time

·       You are juggling too many things

·       All your clients seem to be “tire kickers”

·       Stressed out trying to convert social media followers into buyers

·       You don’t know where to start or the next steps

·       You want to quit because everyone wants to talk down your prices

·       You need to get in front of more people but just can't figure out how to do it

·       You want to sell what you make online but not spend all day online

·       You’re a hamster on a wheel, working non-stop but not making any real money

Listen, creating a money making business centered around your passion doesn’t have to be so overwhelming!!



·       Waking up in the morning to $1,000 in new sales that came in overnight while you were sleeping!

·       Working less hours and making more money (yes it’s really possible)

·       Converting your social media followers into buying customers

·       Sitting down with your spouse to go over finances and having consistent, predictable income to plan on.  

That’s the exact reason I created The Creators Roadmap... to take you from the exhausted feeling of working too hard for too little to predictable, recurring money, sharing your gifts with the world and having the free time to actually enjoy life.

The Creators Roadmap is a six-week bootcamp teaching you how to put into place every step your creative business needs to make money.

·       Your bootcamp experience includes 6 high-level video modules targeted specifically for the unique business needs of creatives.

·       A private creative Facebook group community where you get direct access to me to get your questions answered - it will be like one on one coaching without the one on one coaching cost!

Weekly Q & A's for 6 weeks

This training is one of the reasons that some of my creatives experience results like seeing their business go from 25k in revenue to 100k in just a year!


Creators Roadmap is unlike any other biz training for creatives.

Apply now to be one of the 25 people joining for the introductory investment of $497.

Apply Here at introductory investment of $497 

*Applying doesn’t obligate you to enroll

(Due to the small number of enrollees that I am accepting, space is extremely limited.)

This course WILL be $997 in September.​​​​​​​

Class Dates

July 17- August 28

You do NOT have to be available LIVE for this program. Training material will be emailed to you WEEKLY

You will learn:

·       Why creative business are different than all other businesses in terms of making money

·       How to grow your sales by mastering your social media (without being on it all day)

·       How to stand out when everyone is selling the same dang thing online.

·       Articulate what makes your product or service special even if there are 1000 other people selling what you do

·       An easy way you’re missing to make money and work less.  Seriously this takes making money in you sleep to a whole new level of possibility your business.

·       Understand all the different ways you’re leaving money on the table and how to reverse that now

·      Learn how to become a brand ambassador and get paid to promote the products you use every day and love.

·      Why you can no longer run a business that makes legit money using only Etsy.  (Seriously why are you only promoting your products on a platform that you don't own and that alot of your customers don't use??)

·      Get insane traffic to your website so that customers who are happy to pay you find you with ease.  (Can you say, cha-ching?)

·      Turn your website into a money making machine

Plus..... a bonus training worth the price of the course ALONE covering how to:

·       Get asked to speak at events

·       Land a spot on TV to share your genius

·       Become featured in mags, newspaper and more.  (Can you say MAJOR PR?)

Are you one of the 25 I'm looking for?


·       Do you have a creative business that’s already making money but you’re unsure how to make MORE money?

·       Are you transitioning your business to include an online presence or to be totally  online?

·       Are  you solid on what it is you’re selling?

·       If you answered yes to any of these questions, apply now to be considered to be one of the 25 creatives who will go thru this course step by step with me!

Apply Here


·     Upon acceptance into the Creators Roadmap you will recieve an invoice for the $497 investment and a link to join my private Facebook group!

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